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Melodia Pro

Melodia Pro

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Melodia Pro is a sonic experience inspired by the sound of the biggest tracks and artists of today’s modern Melodic Techno.

When working on this pack, Fvii pulled out inspiration from sounds you’d hear from producers like Artbat, Anyma, CamelPhat, Argy, Mau P, Kevin De Vries, Chris Avantgarde, Cassian, and more.

And after weeks in the studio, we came up with Melodia Pro that provides you with industry ready Serum presets, drums, music loops and midis, and sound FX.

All the sounds have been designed and processed to fit perfectly into Melodic Techno, so that you can focus on the creative aspects of making music.

What's Included?

Here are the packs included in Melodia Pro production suite. Feel free to visit their pages for more info and audio previews:

Serum 6.0 - Melodic Techno $24.00
Elements 6.0 - Melodic Techno $24.00
Drums 6.0 - Melodic Techno $24.00
FX 6.0 - Melodic Techno $24.00

Today, you only pay $49.00

What Are Fvii Pro Suites?

Fvii pro suites are carefully curated deals that offer discounts on multiple products that fit well together.

You can expect to find four packs in this pro suite:

  • Serum presets bank
  • Songwriting samples & midis
  • Drums sample pack
  • FX sample pack

A complete toolset to produce pro sounding tracks.

These bundles are a great way to get a variety of sounds at a lower price.

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Below you find the products included in this bundle. Feel free to visit their pages for more info & audio previews.

Melodic Techno Royalty Free Serum Presets

Serum Presets

Serum 6.0

The Serum presets included in Melodia Pro detail the synth sound of the biggest Afterlife and Upperground producers. There's a lot of warmth and character to each of these presets. In addition to professional programmed macros that gives you full control over the timbre of your sounds and their placement in the mix.

Melodic Techno Music Samples & Midi Packs

Songwriting Samples & Midi Tools

Elements 6.0

Fvii Elements packs are lifesavers for any producer who is struggling with music theory or facing writer's block (audio and midi chord progressions, melodies, arps, and bass lines). And the sixth volume of Elements included in Melodia Pro was composed to fit perfectly in the Melodic Techno realm (Afterlife, Upperground ...).

Melodic Techno Drum Samples

Drum Samples

Drums 6.0

Industry ready drum samples that will help your tracks stand out. Every drum sound you will load into your project will fit immediately and perfectly. Remember, the secret for pro sounding drums is to pick the best sound material right off the bat.

Melodic Techno Sound FX Samples

Sound FX

FX 6.0

This collection of FX samples was designed to help you add more details and life to your tracks. It includes a variety of sounds to build tension and release, smoothly transition between the different sections of your track, and add extra flair and memorable ear candy moments throughout the song.

  • 100% Royalty Free

    You keep all the money generated by the music you make using Fvii packs.

  • 100% Pro Sounds

    Access sounds used by the best artists in the game.

  • 100% Safe & Secure

    Your data will be handled confidentially and encrypted with SSL secure server software.

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  • DAW music softwares list

    Fvii sounds work in your favorite DAW!

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Really solid

Amazing pack. Great addition to library and some sick serum presets. So happy I got it


The sounds of the presets are insane🔥.
A lot of material to make bangers.
And I must say aftersale is also incredible.

Imran M.
Kicked off the new year with a new song already

So glad I got this. I always worry about spending too much money on music stuff, and I loved the warning on Fvii that more tools won't make you a better producer. You have to do the work. This pack got me back in the studio and I just cranked out a new song :)

Kirk B.
A great place to start for Beatport 2023 bangers

Pretty dope, I think what I really appreciate is how he titled it, latest Beatport hits of 2023. It really brought a lot of clarity into what I'm looking for, thanks!

Gustavo A.

It is an amazing product!